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Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors

Many of the postures of Taoist Yoga for Seniors are greatly modified so the individual may comfortably work into the postures without causing strain on their muscles. Shifu Connors has adapted "Chair Yoga" into the classes, where the chair is substituted for the yoga mat. The chair provides support and stability for the student as they stretch by sitting or standing in yoga poses.

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What Some Seniors are Saying About Taoist Yoga:

"I feel more alive and healthy." ELC, Queens, NY; "I feel as if my joints have been lubricatred." H. Lewis, Brooklyn, NY

"I have changed my posture and how I relate to my body." Louise G., Brooklyn, NY

"Simply amazing. I can touch my toes and walk again with more ease." Olga W., Queens, NY

Senior Mottos:

"As I get older, I get stronger"     "I can't get there, YET!"     "Patience with yourself, then others"

Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors
Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors
Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors

Client List (Past and Present)

Long Beach Senior Center, Long Beach, NY
Sandel Senior Center, Rockville Centre, NY
All Care Physical Therapy, Baldwin, NY
Metropolitan Jewish Health Systems
Catholic Charities
Nassau County Department of Senior Citizens

Assisted Living Facilities and
Nursing Homes

Sunrise Assisted Living
Bristol Assisted Living
Sterling Glen Assisted Living
Long Island Jewish Rehab and
Nursing Home

Tao Yin Yoga-Seniors

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