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Ultimate Energy© and QiGong Healing

Liz doing Chi Kung

Ultimate Energy© is a gentle blend of Yoga, QiGong,Tai Chi Chuan, and Meditation. A unique program developed by Grand Master J. Teasley, the individual benefits from the movements of Tai Chi Chuan, the stretching of Yoga, the deep breathing of Chi Kung, and the relaxation of meditation. This gentle blend of exercise is designed to slowly improve and help change the way one breathes, stretches, and how to relate to the body.

Ultimate Energy© Classes
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The Fountain of Youth: A QiGong Exercise

In this series of QiGong Healing Exercises, the participate learns how to feel the energy source inside of themselves. Our energy source is our breath. We focus our Yi (mind) on and our Chi (breath) with the help of simple movements. We create a" vat of energy", a fountain of youth. These simple movements help stimulate different organs, which create an internal bath, leaving you with an overall feeling of vitality.

Drinking the Fountain of Youth

Shifu Connors is the only certified instructor of these classes.

Testimonials from Students

What Artie says about UE: "You should have been there!"
"My balance and posture have improved"
"I found the Fountain of Youth!"
"This has helped my back."
"I find it so uplifting it has changed by mental attitude"
"A great improvement in my overall health."

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