Shifu Elizabeth Connors

Meditation Program

Meditation Program

Zen Garden

Our fast moving society bombards us constantly with information, demands and deadlines often making it difficult to slow down. We become increasingly tense. If we don't learn to manage our unwanted stress, it may significantly undermine our health.

According to Wikipedia the word "Meditation" is derived from the Latin verb "Meditari" meaning to "think, contemplate, devise, and ponder". To take it a step further with the intention of reducing stress: meditation also means to return to one's center, "Mede" or middle. Some examples of meditation methods include Guided Meditation, using imagery or visualization; Mantra Meditation, the silent repetition of a word or phrase, and Mindful Meditation, being and experiencing in the present moment.

Regular practices helps individuals nurture a sense of calmness, peace and develop greater control of their thoughts and reactions. The mental and physical health benefits of meditation are enormous, helping the practitioner enhance self-awareness, focusing on positive outcomes, and overcoming the ill effects of stress.

Shifu Connors teaches all of these different types of meditation. Classes are now forming. Please contact her at 516-431-3373 for more information.

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